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About Us & FAQ

  The Basics 

Ofuda Imports is a Santa Monica, California based "fandom focused" importing company, specializing in collectible figures, cards, books and merchandise associated with video game, manga and anime series that have not yet been or will not be licensed in the United States.

"Fandom-focused" means that we specifically focus on merchandise released in Japan for the original market - items that are generally rare, difficult or expensive to obtain and are often simply unavailable domestically. While we may not stock volumes of your favorite US licensed manga or merchandise produced for the English-speaking market, we do have a wide selection of Japanese figurines, collectibles, and assorted merchandise for fandoms ranging from the new and shiny to the old school classics.
We are staffed by a group of friends who are active in various anime/manga based fandoms and aim to make participating in the material side of fandom more affordable and accessible for everyone. With our first-hand understanding the of the unique challenges and demands of fandom-specific shopping and collecting, we want to make your experience with Ofuda Imports fun, comfortable, and easy.

New products will be added regularly as we continue to process our existing backlog of inventory, and as Japanese manufacturers roll out their merchandise and stock orders arrive at our warehouse.
  Ordering Services

Individual ordering services are not technically offered at this time, but if we don't have stock for your fandom or a particular item that you want, please don't hesitate to contact us!  Depending on item availability, we may still be able to obtain the merchandise you want.  Please be aware that we cannot make any promises or guarantees, as many distributors and suppliers tend to sell out of many items well before they're actually available through pre-orders.

❀  Pre-Orders

At the moment, we do not have a pre-order system in place on our site. We wanted to get online and available to you as quickly as possible, and so the site will receive updates and upgrades to include more options as we get those systems completed and de-bugged - options such as advance pre-orders. However, we do encourage you to contact us by email if there is a particular item you don't want to miss out on!   We might be able to accommodate your request - and in the event that we can't, we will let you know.

  Suggestions and Questions

We welcome your thoughts and ideas, too!  Contact us by email, through one of our social media sites, or through the comment form at the bottom of this page with questions, suggestions, requests or even complaints. While we hope that complaints will be few and far between, we will do everything we can to address any problems or concerns you may have with your shopping experience.

  Updates and Information

Check out our social media sites at LiveJournal and Dreamwidth, Plurk, Tumblr, Twitter, and Like us on Facebook for updates, announcements or to just say hello!  We want your feedback, suggestions, and participation in making Ofuda Imports the best place to get the stuff you want, so please feel free to chat with us. 

As we mentioned previously, if you have any specific requests, we can't make any promises, but we really do encourage you to contact us and we'll see if we can get our hands on what you want.  That's what we're all about, after all! 

We have often been frustrated by finding that the merchandise for our fandoms from Japan is hard to get: shipping alone can be prohibitively expensive ordering from overseas stores - when you can find the ones that will ship internationally, that is - or when that item we really, really wanted sold out within seconds of being listed. Ofuda Imports was born for everyone that has wanted something they couldn't find, or has been able to find traces of that something  online, but can't find it in stock anywhere, or didn't want to wait for the next convention (or pay the "con markup" price, ouch!), hoping that someone in the dealer's hall would have it.  

While we don't have stock for every fandom out there, and we can't control how quickly we may sell out of that item you really wanted, the very reason we opened this store was to make getting what we all want easier and less expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

❀  When I saw this item at a convention/another website, I couldn't choose which character I would get, because the boxes are sealed and randomly sorted.  How can you be sure you're sending me the exact character I ordered?

Many of our products are "blind boxes" - that is, nobody knows the contents of the box until it's opened, which means that - depending on how lucky you are - you can spend significantly more money than you would like, buying more than one to raise your odds of catching the one you want.

With this in mind, part of our inventory process is (carefully!) opening the blind boxes so we can guarantee that you'll receive exactly what you ordered without having to spend more money on multiples or duplicates or getting stuck with stuff you don't want.  The boxes are labeled with our own SKU code so we can keep track of our inventory and then re-closed.  This way, we can make certain that our SKU identifies the right product and character before being listed on our site, so that you can be sure that when your order arrives, it's correct and complete, and exactly what you wanted it to be. 

Most products packaged in blind boxes are also factory sealed in clear plastic, so although the box has been opened, your item is still untouched and brand new.  However, some products arrive packaged in bulk, or in wrappers or sleeves that cannot be re-closed, such as Gashapon-type character goods like keychains, swings and phone charms.  These are placed with any inserts or extras that came along with them in re-sealable plastic bags appropriate to the size and shape of the item, so that they remain in their brand new condition.

❀  You said you wanted to make shopping for this stuff more affordable, but some of your prices are a little higher than I've seen elsewhere!  What's up with that?

Because we offer the convenience of ensuring you receive exactly what you want without relying on Lady Luck smiling your way, we spend more time and effort on processing our inventory than we would if we simply sold the blind boxes unopened and randomized.  Unfortunately, that increases our overhead a little bit, so it does cost us a little more to provide the merchandise you want.  We do work very hard to keep our pricing reasonable, and if you feel that an item you've got your eye on is overpriced, we encourage you to contact us and share your thoughts with us! 

❀  I've bought fandom merchandise elsewhere, and even though I paid for the real deal, I received a bootleg or used item!  

We guarantee that all of our products are the authentic Japanese release, imported by us personally from well known and respected distributors in Japan, and in some cases directly from the manufacturer.  We do not stock, sell or offer bootlegs or off-brand replicas.

Additionally, we do not stock, sell or offer used products in our store, though we may occasionally offer items such as doujinshi or trading figures that have been gently used and in good condition on our social media sites.  This might be a great way to get your hands on something that has been discontinued or out of print, so be sure to check back often!

❀  Hey, you said this is the frequently asked questions section, but you didn't answer the question I came to find the answer for!

We really want to make sure that you're comfortable with your shopping experience and your purchase, both before and after you receive your order, so please contact us with any questions or concerns you may think of!   Every suggestion and inquiry helps us provide better service, and we want to be the best!

We can be contacted through any of the social media sites linked above, the comment form below, or at sales@ofudaimports.com.

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